Welcome to jonathanmerkel.com!
Thanks for checking out my website. I am a Songwriter / Producer / Composer. I co own a song catalog / production company / record label - Beat Chamber, we produce artists and music mainly aimed at song placements in film and Television.
    Some of our recent placements include...
    Black-ish - ABC 2014
    99 Homes - Indie Film 2014
    From Dusk to Dawn - El Rey 2014
    CSI - CBS 2014
    Looking - HBO 2014
    Dexter - Showtime 2012
    Young and the Restless - CBS 2013
    Homeland - Showtime 2013
    Burn Notice - USA 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008
    Sons of Anarchy - FX 2013, 2012
    Storage Hunters - TruTV 2011, 2012
    Arena - MPCA 2011
    Blue Mountain State – Spike TV 2010
Some of my song placements include Black-ish (ABC), 99 Homes (Indie Film), From Dusk to Dawn (El Rey), CSI (CBS), Burn Notice (USA), Arena (MPCA), Storage Hunters (TruTV), Blue Mountain State (Spike TV), Young and the Restless (CBS), Cities of the Underworld (History), Real World The Gauntlet (MTV), Real World Road Rules (MTV), Rock Dinner (MTV), Popped (Fuse), Quiero Mis Quinces (MTV3), Access Hollywood (NBC), Harpo Productions (Oprah, Dr. Phil, Oxygen Network), Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!), Bad Girls Club (Oxygen), Container Wars (Tru), Watch Over Me (CBS), Sunset Tan (FX), Alaska Gold Diggers (Animal Planet), etc. Commercials and Trailers for Nike, LA Times, The Shield (FX), Mr. Brooks, Oceans 13, Sony Blueray, Ghost Rider, etc.
Beat Chamber's new EP Llano, Llanero, Lloron by Cunao is
now available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp
Llano, Llanero, Lloron by Cunao won a 2013 LA Music Critic Award
In early 2009 I worked with Dino Cazares on Divine Heresy’s new CD “Bringer of Plagues”. I have 2 orchestral arrangements on this album, track 3 “Undivine Prophecies” and track 11 “The End Begins”. This is a really great CD, I am very proud to have been a part of it.

My studio has Pro Tools 11, Logic X, plugins by UAD, Massey, Waves, Slate, Tritone Digital, etc. I use an analog summing mixer, a Dangerous D-Box, this makes a huge step up in quality. I have many great mics including Royers, Mojaves and outboard pres and compressors by Overstayer, Millenia Media, Summit Audio, David Royer, A Designs, DBX, etc. Drum software includes Superior Drummer 2, BFD2, Stylus RMX, EZ Drummer, etc. Soft synths include Omnisphere, Absynth, Evolve, Alchemy, Trilogy, etc. I can start from scratch and end with a finished product or anywhere in between.

I play guitar and bass, I played guitar on most of the songs on this website, bass on many of them.
After 17 years of living in Los Angeles I recently returned back to the south eastern Pennsylvania area, close to Philadelphia and Baltimore. Feel free to email me for work inquiries, Thanks!
 Jonathan's Song Catalog & Record Label